The purpose of this council is to strengthen the citizens
and families of the Red River Valley by promoting the
character and integrity of families, public officials and
leaders of our communities.

Principle office is located at
 3150 Clarksville Street,
 Suite 100, Paris, TX 75460.

You may contact us by:

The Character Council meets each month on the
second Saturday morning at 8:15 AM.
Location: PCA Building at 3150 Clarksville St.
Everyone is welcome... bring a guest. Our community
needs you and your influence in building character
"one family at a time."      
Bill Felts President

The Character Council of Red River Valley is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization. The business of the Council is governed according to its By-Laws, and
conducted by an eleven member Board of Directors. The Board consists of four officers,
listed below, and up to seven other members elected at the annual meeting,
held the fourth Saturday of each calendar year.
Bill Felts
     Vice-President        Michael Leddy
     Secretary                Brian Wear
     Treasurer               Paul Dearinger
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We have taller buildings
but shorter tempers.
We have more conveniences
but less time.
We have more knowledge
but less judgment.
We have fancier houses
but broken homes.
We clean up our air
but pollute our souls.
We travel to the moon
but not to our neighbors.
We add years to life
but not life to years.
"A man's character is
his fate."
-- Heraclitus
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