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Fort Collins,

Capital of Kansas

Population 137,000+

Fort Collins is the largest
city in northern Colorado,
and home to Colorado
State University

Money Magazine rated
Fort Collins as the best
[small city] place in the
country to live

The association of Character Fort Collins with the
International Association of Character Cities has been highly
beneficial to the greater Fort Collins area. Beginning with our
Mayor's participation in the year 2000 Building Cities of
Character Conference our involvement has steadily grown.

We found the "Strategy Handbook" very beneficial in gaining
a vision and strategy for launching a community-wide
character initiative. The handbook helped us develop our
Character Council and gave us a place to start. The live
interaction and networking with the staff of IACC and with
more seasoned leaders of other character councils helped
our community's initiative grow into a valued community effort.

With the help of IACC we are experiencing many benefits
which include:
  • An increased awareness in the community that most
    challenges and issues we face as individuals, families,
    and organizations have their root cause in personal
  • More awareness of the preventative benefits of a
    character initiative as opposed to the typical reactive
    approach to situations.
  • We hear people throughout the community speaking
    of character more often. They are aware of hearing
    the word!
  • Organizations such as our local sheriff's office taking
    very visible and vocal leadership by example as a
    character first organization.
  • More and more or our school cultures are becoming
    character based. Character education is extending
    beyond the classroom to all aspects of the school. In
    many schools we are seeing a vision of excellence in
    character as the means to excellence in achievement
  • The systematic approach by Character First! in
    developing a sustained character focus within
    participating organizations is changing them. There is
    a sense of excitement by organization leaders as they
    begin to see a change in their culture.

Would we start all over again? Absolutely! As more and more
citizens and leaders offer encouragement by saying "don't let
this initiative die" we would not think otherwise.

Bob Powell
Character Fort Collins

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