goal requires
Break tasks
into steps,
then focus on
one task at a
time rather
than being
by the whole.
vs. Discouragement
"the inward strength to withstand
stress and do my best."

Therefore I will:
not give up
keep my eyes on the goal
take one step at a time
not let criticism discourage me
keep going even when tired
put my whole heart into what I do
Punctuality in History
       Home improvements:
  • Some home improvement projects or
    even simple tasks are not that enjoyable.
  • Or, they may require a lengthy time
  • To make these tasks go more efficiently,
    take a few minutes to break each job into
    achievable segments.
  • For example, construct a flower bed by
    first clearing the area of weeds and
    debris. Then, set the retaining structure
    and add the top soil. Plant the flowers or
    shrubs and enjoy the finished work,
    taking pride in your endurance to
    complete the job.
  • You can prep to paint a house one wall at
    a time, complete that wall, see the
    improvement, and then move on to the
    next wall.
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Endurance illustrated by the Dromedary -- The legendary "ship of the
desert" can endure scarce food and water, extreme temperatures, and inclement
weather while transporting people and goods across Asian and African deserts.
The camel is best known for its ability to go long distances and up to 10 days
without drinking anything. Its body pulls water from tissues in order to maintain
a constant level of water in the blood, and recycles water and urea instead of
eliminating them. When water becomes available, a camel can drink up to 30
gallons of water in 10 minutes to quickly replenish itself because its body cells are
designed to absorb water and expand quickly, up to 240 percent, without
rupturing. It can also store up to 100 pounds of reserve fat energy in its hump.
With reserve water and energy, the camel can endure a long journey on as little
as 8% of normal daily intake. Camels can carry hundreds of pounds of cargo up to
40 miles per day.
    Practical Applications of Endurance
  • Learn to leave your work at the office
  • On your way home, choose a landmark at which you
    mentally leave your problems
  • Demonstrate persistence by steadily paying off financial
  • Do not cut off difficult family members or neighbors
  • Stick with chores, homework, and other home projects
    until they are done
  • Support family members and friends as they go through
    difficult times
Copyright acknowledgement -- Some material on this page is from the book "Achieving True Success"   
©2000 IACC,  and Character Bulletin Series 3 - No. 26  ©2006 Character Training Institute
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"Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds."  
--Albert Einstein

"If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, eternal persistence is the price of excellence,
and is the duty of every lover of his country."  --
James Terry White

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging
on after others have let go."
--William Feather

"There is a strength of quiet endurance as significant of courage as the most daring
feats of prowess"
--Henry Tuckerman

"A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job."  --Michael Larsen

"The manner in which one endures what must be endured is more important than the
thing that must be endured."  
--Dean G. Acheson
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