Why not invite a member of the CCRRV to come to your company or
business. Let us show you how promoting character among your managers
and employees pays dividends - develop morale and unity, improve quality,
reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, lower worker's compensation...
and that means
more dollars on the bottom line.

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"An incredible conference on the basic issues facing our society and cities.
Here are ideas and answers that work, proven by experience and shared by
mayors that are doing it."
—Robert Young, Mayor of Bonney Lake, WA
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Character First! Training Overview
Character First! is more than a program—it is a leadership model that strengthens
relationships, improves communication, and builds teamwork. Leadership training is the
first step for implementing character in your workplace, school, business or home.
The links below take you directly to the
Character First! web site, where you can learn
more about each type of training.

Business Training
    October 28, 2008              Oklahoma City, OK   405-815-0001
  • Advanced Implementation Seminar - take your character emphasis to the next
    level! October 29, 2008               Oklahoma City, OK   405-815-0001

    August 26-26, 2008           Oklahoma City, OK   405-815-0001

Police Training
  • Police Dynamics Seminar (also on DVD) -  Law enforcement officers and staff
    work under enormous pressure, which increases their need for building good
    character and ethical decision-making skills.

Education Training
  • Teacher Orientation Seminar (also on DVD) - Discover a host of tools and
    techniques for building character in elementary, middle, or high schools.

Family/Community Training
  • Family Seminar - Character training begins at home, and the Character First!
    Family Seminar can help you get on the right track.

    September 21-23, 2009        Oklahoma City, OK